[TUHS] SYSV & TCP/IP on the VAX...

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Corey where are you based? I'd just love to spend at least an hour or two
studying one of those old fellows. I actually investigated the weirdness
behind yet another somewhat old fashioned OS on one of those old fellow's
relatives. (An OS I am not going to mention unless someone wants to ask me

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> > The 3b2's were ok.  I liked the ATT Unix PC, 3b1 (?).  My roomate and
> > I in college both bought those and did a lot of hacking on them.
> Yup. I used an AT&T 3b1/7300 all through college.
> No ethernet. Polled for mail using dialup/UUCP.
> I still have a couple 3b1 machines stored in the
> garage...strange to think that the L2 caches on
> the Xeon 5410 CPUs in my web server are larger than
> the entire hard drive in my old UNIXpc. Shouldn't
> computers be doing a whole lot more by now?
> Maybe of mild interest to some, here is a scan of a
> page from an old Byte article with benchmark data
> comparing the 3b1 to some of its peers at the time
> (TRS-80, VAX11/780, PC XT). Apologies for the quality
> of the image. Some day I'll dig out the originals and
> re-scan everything..
> http://www.unixpc.org/bench1.gif
> ---corey
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