[TUHS] 386BSD on Bochs & Qemu...

Jacob Goense dugo at xs4all.nl
Sun Apr 25 19:28:29 AEST 2010

>> It got me curious about where 386BSD ended though. Did anyone save
>> the 386BSD Reference CD-ROM Release 1.0 from /dev/null?
> Yes, I have a copy.  It was pretty much useless.  All the
> documentation was in some Microsoft format, and I couldn't read it.
> Unfortunately Dr Dobbs has a copyright on it, or I could upload it for
> the curious.

That's about what I understood from as well from reading this column
at http://www.cfcl.com/rdm/tin/P/199503.shtml

 "The 386BSD release CD-ROM includes a mixture of BSD and Jolitz code,
 articles, and what have you. The files are hyperlinked with a global
 glossary and index to illustrate the structure and interdependence in
 the discussion of the system files.

 Consequently, the CD-ROM release is not freeware, as a whole, though
 many parts of it are freely redistributable. In particular, the system
 itself will be available at certain "official" Internet sites,
 still(unfortunately) to be determined at press time."

and I have dug around long enough to assume that 15 years later it is
still TBD where to get just the system.

The stuff in WinHelp format being useless, ok, but what about the
system on the CD, did you ever try booting and installing it?


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