[TUHS] 386BSD on Bochs & Qemu...

Jason Stevens neozeed at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 15:22:04 AEST 2010

Well I've been able to find this much out...

The CD has some kind of weird 'live' CD filesystem to it... It would seem
that 386BSD 1.0 demanded you have an Adaptec 1542 controller hooked up, and
with special roms & whatnot it could 'boot' from the CD...  Needless to say,
this predates anything like IDE CDROM's or or what most emulators will

That being said, they did include the 'boot' program which is touched on in
the magazine series, as a MS-DOS bootloader.

So I've just slapped together a MS-DOS floppy, with the boot & 386bsd kernel
and tried it on on Qemu, to an early kernel panic.  Oddly enough, Virtual PC
2007 can boot the kernel.  So I converted my 386BSD 0.1 install into a disk
image that Virtual PC can run, and ran the floppy, and it was able to mount
up the hard disk, run single user mode, and even go into multiuser...

If it matters this is what the boot produces:

A:\>boot 386bsd
Text 466944
Data 20480
Start 0xfe000000
can't open emm
386BSD Release 1.0 by William & Lynne Jolitz. [1.0.22 10/27/94 15:32]
Copyright (c) 1989-1994 William F. Jolitz. All rights reserved.
clk:  irq0
pc: pc0 <color> port 60 irq1
aux:  port 310 irq12
wd: wd0 <Virtual HD> wd1 port 1f0 irq14
fd: fd0: 1.44M port 3f0 irq6 drq2
com: com1: fifo port 3f8 irq4
com: com2: fifo port 2f8 irq3
lpt: lpt0  port 378 irq7
npx: npx: irq13
mcd:  port 300 irq10
erase ^?, kill ^U, intr ^C

I'll have to test later if it can 'mount' an ISO image that's been 'dd''d to
a hard disk.....
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