[TUHS] Backup software (was: Irwin 285)

Brad Spencer brad at anduin.eldar.org
Fri Jan 29 06:27:11 AEST 2010

   On Thursday, 21 January 2010 at 12:44:49 -0800, Corey Lindsly wrote:
   >> Sure. I know.  Big SATA drives are cheap over here as well, like
   >> 1.5T for 110 EURO or somesuch. I just happen to own a LTO3 and
   >> enough tapes already, so the economics are not the issue. Just need
   >> to have a proper piece of open source backup software that runs on
   >> FreeBSD.
   > And what, precisely, is the problem with using dump?
   > It will span multiple tapes.

   dump is non-portable.  In general, you can only restore to the same
   kind of system as you write to.

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Not entirely true...  dump and restore in NetBSD seems to be portable
among NetBSD systems at least.  I have personally restored to NetBSD/sparc
from NetBSD/alpha, a 64 bit to 32 bit conversion.  I have also restored to
NetBSD/amd64 a NetBSD/i386 dump, which is basically the other way around.
I have also read NetBSD/sparc dumps on NetBSD/i386, and it worked fine,
that would have been a byte order conversion.

I don't know how far this goes, if it is just NetBSD, or something
inherent to all 4.4BSD derived systems.

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