[pups] 2 x PDP-11 MicroVAX II with Terminal and keyboard on offer

Kevin Phair kevin.phair at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 17:55:24 AEST 2010


A number of years ago I diverted a couple of PDP-11 systems which were
on their way to a skip. I believe they were in working condition and I
had always intended to clean them up and get them set up and running
again to see what it was all about. This never happened and I no
longer have the space to store them. As a result I'm offering them to
anyone who's willing to pay the shipping. They are located in Dublin,

There is some mild corrosion on some of the metal chassis and the
paint on the VDU casings is peeling off in place but overall I think
they will clean up well.

I think they are the MicroVAX II model and the consist of the PDP-11
chassis unit with a Ramstar T-1500 VDU and keyboard. Each one also has
a power distrubution box and they are configured for 120VAC operation.
There are also power cables (amongst others). I don't know what boards
are installed in them, but they did originally have tape drives
connected and were used to drive an inkjet printing system, so I
expect there is at least a tape controller and serial/parallel
interface in each of them.

Photos of everything are up on
but unfortunately the cabinet units are no longer available.

If anyone is interested in these please get in touch soon as I won't
be able to keep them for much longer. If there's no interest in the
complete units, I'd also be happy to consider donating parts from them
to help with restorations or upgrade projects. I'm also open to
putting them in storage if someone wants to arrange collection at a
later date and is willing to split the storage costs.


Kevin Phair

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