[pups] PUPS Digest, Vol 40, Issue 2

Kevin Phair kevin.phair at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 19:41:35 AEST 2010


A big thanks to all who replied to my request for takers for the old
PDP-11 systems I have. I'm afraid I haven't been able to respond to
everyone yet as there's been a lot going on but I appreciate the
enlightenment on some of the aspects of the machines.

To be honest I really know very little about the PDP-11 and I had
hoped to learn more though these, so my MicroVAX II was a best guess
based on trying to match the hardware up to images on the web.

I will try and get back to all who expressed an interest with more
detailed information on the configuration and better pictures.

> Of course a PDP-11 is not a MicroVAX, and vice versa.
> Looking at the pictures, the only thing really worth saving would be
> the chassis shown with a keyboard next to it.  One can see a floppy
> disk drive, and a hole where a hard disk drive probably was once.  If
> there is a nameplate on the front, it is not readable in the picture.
> A picture of the rear panel would help in further identification, as
> well as a reading of any nameplate data on the rear panel.


Kevin Phair

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