[pups] [Available NL] Several PDP-11's (really! ; -) and VAXen available!

Fred N. van Kempen fred.van.kempen at microwalt.nl
Mon Jul 12 20:05:54 AEST 2010


I have to seriousy shrink the collection, and so will be parting
with with at least:

- two 11/34's 
- one 11/94
- one 11/84
- up to 6 RL02's
- up to 20 (Micro)VAXen (3100 series) plus storage units
- up to 10 VAX-4000 series units (yes, DSSI disks included ;-)

Also available is a BIG load of StorageWorks (BA35x series) units,
with disks, a load of DEC network gear, and, if I dive into it, I
should also have some spare DEC boot servers (MOP loaders) ..

Small stuff could be shipped, the heavy stuff wont be, as carriers
usually WILL break em..



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