[TUHS] Unix Tree: side scrolling

Larry McVoy lm at bitmover.com
Sun Mar 7 15:14:08 AEST 2010

> I also want to add these other releases:
>         4BSD
>         4.1BSD which one?

4.1c was the one that worked, right?

>         4.2BSD

No 4.3?  That was a nice one.

>         4.4BSD
>         LSX
>         Ultrix-32 which one?
>         Venix?
> If there are any other ones you'd like to see in the tree, let me know.
> Now's the time to ask for any other donations to the Heritage Society.
> If you have any releases which are not yet in the Unix Archive, I'd love
> to know. I still seriously want to get a copy of SysVR4.2, which will go

SysVR4.2 was never my favorite.  System V in general was a poor excuse
for a Unix release.  We still have SCO running here and it's pretty 
close to Sys V and, well, yuck.  And I speak as the guy who added
TCP/IP networking to SCO.  If I had any fondness for it I'd be showing it.
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