[TUHS] v6: where is "man"?

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Wed Oct 20 16:18:48 AEST 2010

> I just booted up the interdata version and... it doesn't have 'man'
> either...
> I get the impression from /usr/doc/man   that the man pages on the ID32 were
> setup with a 'make' command to format and print them all....
> I guess the man command didn't exist...????

Why is there a man page for it?

By the way, I found a /usr/bin/man command in
in the unix_v6.rl02 image.  Oddly, it uses "cd" instead
of "chdir" and doesnt run in the normal v6 shell!
(cut and pasted in the attached file).
It also uses "set" which isnt supported in v6.
Although, it does look like a pre-v7 shell script
by the control flow constructs and lack of variables.
(compare to /bin/man in V7, which is a new style shell
script which wont run in V6).

There's also a /usr/ucb/man binary present.  I haven't
tried it in stock v6.

Its pretty easy to boot the Tim_Shoppa_v6 image,
just un-gzip it and use:

   set cpu 11/23
   set tto 7b
   attach rl0 unix_v6.rl02
   boot rl0

in simh.  At the boot prompt enter "unix".

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cd /usr/doc/man
if $1x = x goto nope
        set b = 1
if ! -r man$1 goto sect1
        set b = $1
: sect1
        if -r /mnt/webb/doc/$1.$b goto man
        if -r man$b/$1.$b goto oldman
        if -r /etc/help/$1 goto ok
        if $b != 1 goto notcmd
        if -r /bin/$1 -o -r /usr/bin/$1 goto iscmd
        echo $1 "is not a command"
        goto loop
: iscmd
: notcmd
        echo "Sorry, manual page" $1 "is not available."
        goto loop
: man
        chdir /mnt/webb/doc
        fmt -term --u $1.$b
        goto loop
: oldman
        chdir man$b
        nroff -mm $1.$b ^ iul
        goto loop
: oldman0
        chdir man$b
        nroff -mm $1 ^ iul
        goto loop
: ok
help $1 </dev/tty
goto loop
: nope
echo "usage: man [section] name"
echo "The following manual pages exist (in form name.section)"
f /mnt/webb/doc
: loop
cd /usr/doc/man
if $1x != x goto sect1

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