[TUHS] v6: where is "man"?

Johnny Billquist bqt at softjar.se
Thu Oct 21 21:32:55 AEST 2010

On 10/21/10 03:06, Tim Newsham wrote:
>> What "man" binary? You use cat... You have the man-pages, you have a
>> program (or several) to type files... Why would you need yet another
>> program to type files?
> "man man" does more than "cat /usr/doc/man/man1/man.1".
> (try it!)

Yes, it does a "$(PAGER) /usr/doc/man/cat1/man.0" :-)

> It locates pages by man page section and it formats the
> data using nroff. See the "man" script I attached in an
> earlier email for details.

Depends on lots of factors and versions.

Maybe I should have added a smiley. My point was that originally you 
didn't have a man program. You had man-pages, and you looked at them any 
way you preferred. And that is what you observed, but didn't seem to 
grasp, when you looked at V6 (hence the question about where the 
man-program is).

Short answer then: there is none.


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