[TUHS] v6: where is "man"?

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Fri Oct 22 03:32:00 AEST 2010

> Yes, it does a "$(PAGER) /usr/doc/man/cat1/man.0" :-)

I don't think thats accurate in v6 unix (or many other
early research unixen). The man pages arent preformatted
into .0 files afaik.

> Maybe I should have added a smiley. My point was that originally you didn't 
> have a man program. You had man-pages, and you looked at them any way you 
> preferred. And that is what you observed, but didn't seem to grasp, when you 
> looked at V6 (hence the question about where the man-program is).
> Short answer then: there is none.

I don't think that is accurate.

> 	Johnny

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