[TUHS] 4.0 BSD confusion....

Jason Stevens neozeed at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 07:16:37 AEST 2011

I was looking at Tom Yam's 4.0 BSD 'starunix' restoration project, and I had
a question about the version number that is reported vs the dates... I'm
using wikipedia as a source (I know I know..)

Anyways Tom's 4.0 boots up like this:

: hp(0,0)vmunix
87844+15464+130300 start 0x530
VM/UNIX (Berkeley Version 4.1) 11/10/80

But the wiki page lists 4.1 being from June of 1981, and 4.0 being from
November of 1980..  Did 4.0 BSD ship reporting itself as 4.1?  I guess there
is the possibility that the kernel may include patches to bring it up to

Does anyone have tape dumps of 4.0 & 4.1 ...?

I did find some iso image that has various levels of BSD but they are not in
tape dumps but rather extracted to the filesystem.. the 4.0 & 4.1 from there
seem identical  Or at a minimum they use the same kernel that reports itself
as 4.1 ...

Anyways I'm just wondering....

Jason Stevens
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