[TUHS] speak.c, or sometimes the bits are under your nose

Jonathan Gevaryahu jgevaryahu at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 12 18:13:25 AEST 2011

Here's speak.m, or rather, what little I could find of it. I believe 
there's some way documented in the speak.6 manpage of using TR or some 
command line parameters to speak.o to regenerate it from speak.v; only 3 
sectors on disk survived of speak.m

There's also a lot of other interesting stuff on disk here, like what 
looks like an early version or predecessor to red, the restricted ed, 
which doesn't seem to survive elsewhere except in a much modified and 
comments-translated-to-russian version here:
(there's at least one sector of code missing, the beginning of the 
setupviewport function and the end of the comment block that precedes 
it, and I may be unintentionally merging two files in my current attempt)
(or maybe it does survive on the tarred disk Al K. posted, which I still 
haven't figured out how to un-tar)
There is also some stuff which looks like it was intended for children 
to use (as part of an exhibit at bell labs?), interacting with the 
pdp-11 using a green button and possibly speech using speak, to play 
hangman and other games. It includes kid friendly messages "Sorry, the 
turtle is either napping or too busy." "we have to stop the computer for 
a few minutes so that we can fix it. please stand by." etc.
There's also the source code to SNOBOL III here, I don't know how 
fragmentary or complete.

I could probably spend WEEKS figuring out all the stuff hidden on the 
disk image!

Jonathan Gevaryahu AKA Lord Nightmare
jgevaryahu at gmail.com
jgevaryahu at hotmail.com

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