[TUHS] speak.c, or sometimes the bits are under your nose

Jonathan Gevaryahu jgevaryahu at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 11 12:11:15 AEST 2011

A bit more recovered from the dennis_v6 tape:
speak.v (I believe in its entirety, so the speak program is probably 
usable now! The file Doug sent me helped quite a bit here, as the order 
isn't only alphabetical which was throwing me off)
vs.c (this exists in the v5 archive 
(http://minnie.tuhs.org/cgi-bin/utree.pl?file=V5/usr/sys/dmr/vs.c) but 
the version here has ~2 lines different; the 'vsmap' character array 
only exists in the v5 one, here it is embedded in the code as a string, 
hence may be slightly older?)

Note both of these files violated the 'all sectors appear in reverse 
order' "rule" and each had one sector which appeared 'out of pattern'.

Jonathan Gevaryahu AKA Lord Nightmare
jgevaryahu at gmail.com
jgevaryahu at hotmail.com

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