[TUHS] Citation for Spencer quote?

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Thu Jul 28 12:27:43 AEST 2011

Warren Toomey scripsit:

> Any ideas if/when Henry said this and where: date, first time it appeared
> in print etc.

Searching at Google Groups (which is not a trivial undertaking; posts
found by  "Search by relevance" vanish when you search by date) finds
http://groups.google.com/group/news.software.b/browse_thread/thread/64ca4e7650f22ac7/12af7af3e5bef5b9 ,
which is by Henry and dated November 12, 1987.  So he definitely
said it.  However, it's in his .sig, which may mean that he was simply
quoting someone else unnamed.

> While we are at it, are there any other good Unix quotes that spring
> to mind?

http://www.linfo.org/q_unix.html has some classics including Henry's.
http://nickelkid.net/docs/quotes/unix.html also has good ones once you
scroll down past the Windows quotes.

My former boss Len Silver said, back around 1983:  "What you're saying
is that Unix is a local minimum?"  He was a physicist turned quant at
a Wall Street firm.  "Exactly," said I.

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