[TUHS] Citation for Spencer quote?

Larry McVoy lm at bitmover.com
Thu Jul 28 13:28:02 AEST 2011

On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 11:42:41AM +1000, Warren Toomey wrote:
> All, thanks for the help with that image of Ken and Dennis at the 11/20
> console. Now I'm after a reference/citation to a great quote attributed to
> Henry Spencer:
>     Those who don't understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.
> Any ideas if/when Henry said this and where: date, first time it appeared
> in print etc.

Where is Henry, is he still with us?  

> While we are at it, are there any other good Unix quotes that spring to mind?

His 10 commandments are classic.

Rob Pike: If you think you need threads your processes are too fat.
Me, same topic: Think of it this way: threads are like salt, not like
pasta. You like salt, I like salt, we all like salt. But we eat more pasta
Mike Padlipsky (he's got a million): Do you want protocols that look nice or
protocols that work nice? 
Lynne Jolitz (wife of an unsung hero, Mr 386BSD: Bill Jolitz): The problem here
is that there is parent and child but no adult.

More at http://www.bitmover.com/lm/quotes.html - probably boring, haven't
updated those in 15 years...
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