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Cyrille Lefevre cyrille.lefevre-lists at laposte.net
Mon May 30 07:55:30 AEST 2011

Le 29/05/2011 05:37, Gregg C Levine a écrit :
> Hello!
> It must have been my believing in things that most people don't want to
> believe are a certainty, because the site is now up. I've downloaded them.
> Both your patch and the package.


> Now what do I do next with the patch? Extract it and apply it to the source
> code? And then follow the usual steps for building stuff on Cygwin I should
> imagine.(?)

well, things changes since last year...

wget http://cyrillelefevre.free.fr/dwb/dwb.1993-02-04.2011-05-29.patch.bz2

mkdir dwb.1993-02-04
cd dwb.1993-02-04
tar xf ../dwb.1993-02-04.tgz
bzcat ../dwb.1993-02-04.patch.bz2 | patch -p1
make -j 1 -f dwb.mk all install

should make it ?

results in /opt/dwb

PS : under cygwin, patch come from patchutils


Cyrille Lefevre
mailto:Cyrille.Lefevre-lists at laposte.net

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