[TUHS] b remnants?

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Tue Oct 18 02:18:49 AEST 2011

On 10/15/11 9:41 AM, Gregg Levine wrote:

> With today's FPGA technology someone should revive the TX-0 and the
> TX-1 that way......

I assume you meant TX-2. There was never a TX-1.
TX-0 simulation was working in MESS, there is code around for TX-0
including a couple of games.
TX-2 was a moving target. The instruction set changed quite a bit during
its lifetime and little code is available. There has been interest in the
past for trying to revive Sketchpad, but Ivan Sutherland isn't interested
in releasing the code when I've talked to him about it.
One of the more interesting east to west coast connections is the TX-2
BCPL compiler was the basis for the BCPL on the Xerox Alto.

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