[TUHS] qemu and virtualbox

Andrzej Popielewicz vasco at icpnet.pl
Fri Jan 6 20:42:54 AEST 2012

For those who want to refresh old memories.
Hans Bezemer has made big progress as far as performance of qemu is 
concerned. His specific experience concerns Coherent, but other old 
unixes could use it.
Details can be found in comp.os.coherent news group


The older tuhs message can be mentioned :


I have also noticed , that Coherent boots well  and is very fast in 
newest virtualbox 4.1.8, running in XP.
Dell Optiplex 755 was used  with Core 2 Duo.
Details can be found in  forums for "Other quests"

It suggests , that other old Unixes could benefit in new virtualbox.


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