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Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Sat Feb 2 16:58:31 AEST 2013

That would make sense. SysV is about twenty years old, and its status  
as an ultra-holy reliquary of trade secrets and whatnot has been  
severely dented by Sun's open-sourcing of Solaris.

If anyone knows who to contact at Attachmate, I'd say, go for the  
full bag, of Research Unix and commercial Unix.

Wesley Parish

On 2/02/2013, at 1:20 AM, Angelo Papenhoff wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Feb 2013 01:55:43 +0000, Benjamin Huntsman wrote:
>> While the subject of historical stuff has been brought up, anyone
>> thought about going another round with Attachmate to see if they'd
>> extend the Ancient UNIX License to include v10, v9, and v8?
>> Attachmate is the current owner these days, aren't they?
>> I'm sure they, Novell, AT&T, and Lucent all don't care.  But
>> someone's still got to sign the line.  I'm really hoping to see
>> v10x86, like v7x86 someday!!
>> I've got a copy of v8 I'd love to make available some day, and I know
>> there are at least one or two copies of v10 still in existence.  last
>> I heard, there was no v9.
>> Anyone here know anybody at Attachmate?
>> Many thanks!
>> -Ben
> Great to hear there still exist copies of later research Unices.
> We should definitely ask for an extension of the Ancient UNIX License
> (possibly to include SysIII or even SysV as well?).
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