[TUHS] Fwd: A cameo by UNIX in BSTJ

Doug McIlroy doug at cs.dartmouth.edu
Fri Jul 26 08:10:16 AEST 2013

Ken Thompson has famously said that the only thing he'd do
differently if he were to do Unix afresh would be to spell 
"create" with a final e. The BSTJ cameo (or product placement?)
reveals another example: he'd spell Unix as an ordinary proper
name. Once the marketers had glommed onto "UNIX" as a  trademark,
we were regularly badgered when when we tried to naturalize
the name. References to "Unix" in internal documents were 
scrubbed to "UNIX" for external consumption. I'd like to think
that by exhibiting "Unix" in an image Netravali et al
intentionally cocked a snook at corporate orthodoxy.

Incidentally, the online BSTJ is complete. A new publication,
the AT&T Technical Journal took its place after 1983, with
a new format and quite different content. The replacement 
publication was a house organ, not a research journal.


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