[TUHS] TUHS Digest, Vol 105, Issue 2

David Barto david at kdbarto.org
Fri Jul 26 09:56:28 AEST 2013

On Jul 24, 2013, at 7:00 PM, tuhs-request at minnie.tuhs.org wrote:

> What parts are missing from the archive mentioned by Poul-Henning Kamp?
>  http://www3.alcatel-lucent.com/bstj/
> It has 1922 to 1983.  I was assuming that missing issues like 1942 issues 2
> through 4 were not ever published.

I've got Vol 68, No. 8 October 1984, the second 'Unix System' edition of the BLTJ.

Additional articles on all things Unix:

Evolution of the UNIX Time-sharing system
Program Design in the UNIX System Environment
The Blit: A Multiplexed Graphics Terminal
Debugging C programs with the Blit
UNIX Operation System Security
File Security and the UNIX System Crypt Command
The Evolution of C - Past and Future
Data Abstration in C by B. Stroustrup - The first C++ mention that I know of in the Journal
Multiprocessor UNIX Systems
A UNIX System Implementation for System/370
UNIX Operating System Porting Experiences
The evolution of UNIX System Performance
Cheap Dynamic Instruction Counting
Theory and Practice in the Construction of a Working Sort Routine
The Fair Share Scheduler
The Virtual Protocol Machine
A Network of Computers Running the UNIX System
A Stream Input-Output System (D M Richie) - SYS V streams implementation description


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