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OK, let me try this one more time with links to get around the
restrictions on the message size.

I was cleaning out my basement and I
found a box of stuff from my office at BRL (where I left in 1987).
of it was buttons I'd picked up at trade shows and SF cons (I had a
fabric partition next to my desk that I had them all stuck to.

course in the box (among a couple of later editions) was Armando's
original UNIX license (note no reference to DEC):

Also in the box were
some buttons from various UNIX conferences. I particularly remember the
Sex, Drugs, and Unix one. Some of you will also remember the year I was
giving out the No Ada shirts. There's a picture of dmr wearing one
floating around somewhere. 

Sun was giving out these one year: 

Langston thought this was a little conceited on Bill Joy's part, so the
next show he arrived with buttons to hand out that said things like "The
psl of UNIX" and "The dmr of UNIX". I had a "The ron of UNIX" somewhere
but I couldn't find it in the box. 

Finally there was this wooden
nickle courtesy of Bill Yost... 

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