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I love to tell a story about the Sex, Drugs and UNIX button.   I'm in my
disheveled tee-shirt/jeans and wearing one of those button in the elevator
in hotel in Toronto talking with a couple of my co-workers: Al Nugent and
Mike Krueger; when your basic American midwestern family gets on.
Remember this is right when AIDS epidemic is just making into in the press.
  The mother sees the button and asks, "What a UNIX?"  Krueger brightly
replies:  "It like AIDS, only worse."   She immediately grabs her kids and
cowers in the corner of the elevator.

I'm shaking my head in disgust and turned  to Krueger and called him the
"#$%^& Prince of Darkness."  By this point, Nugent is laughing riotously.
 FYI the name stuck.   Even today when I see folks from Masscomp and folks
ask what happened to person X or Y,  - "The #$%^& Prince of Darkness" is
still referred too by that term of endearment.


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>  OK, let me try this one more time with links to get around the restrictions on the message size.
> I was cleaning out my basement and I found a box of stuff from my office at BRL (where I left in 1987).
> Most of it was buttons I'd picked up at trade shows and SF cons (I had a fabric partition next to my desk that I had them all stuck to.
> Of course in the box (among a couple of later editions) was Armando's original UNIX license (note no reference to DEC):
>  Also in the box were some buttons from various UNIX conferences.    I
> particularly remember the Sex, Drugs, and Unix one.    Some of you will
> also remember the year I was giving out the No Ada shirts.   There's a
> picture of dmr wearing one floating around somewhere.
> Sun was giving out these one year:
> Peter Langston thought this was a little conceited on Bill Joy's part, so
> the next show he arrived with buttons to hand out that said things like
> "The psl of UNIX" and "The dmr of UNIX".    I had a "The ron of UNIX"
> somewhere but I couldn't find it in the box.
> Finally there was this wooden nickle courtesy of Bill Yost...
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