[TUHS] Gnu/Stallman (was Bugs in V6 'dcheck')

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Tue Jun 3 09:37:21 AEST 2014

Dan Cross scripsit:

> > There will be a new kernel when someone decides, as Linus did, to
> > write a new kernel.  If it catches on, it may supplement or replace Linux.
> To whit: it appears that "we" (for some large value of "we") have
> collectively decided that it's not worth looking for a replacement for
> Linux.  If nothing else, I find that interesting.

It doesn't matter how many people decide not to do it, any more than it
matters how many people decide not to try to find a replacement for the
Standard Model.  It only takes one to decide *to* do it.  Of course,
some people may decide and never do it, or never finish it, or be mute
inglorious Miltons who are never heard of, or who are heard of but fail
to take over the world.

All anyone can do is either do it themselves or wait for someone else
to do so.

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