[TUHS] Unix on an 11/23 (Was: Work I've done with a PDP-11 simulator)

asbesto asbesto at freaknet.org
Tue May 20 23:51:08 AEST 2014

Mon, May 19, 2014 at 10:19:13PM -0400, Noel Chiappa wrote:

>     > Just in these days we restored a PDP-11/23PLUS here at our Museum! :)
> That is good to hear! You all seem to have been very resourceful in making
> the power supply for it!

yes :) we are good in electronics & restoration of those
computers :D

> Is your RL02 drive and RLV11 controller all working? Here are some
> interesting pages:

well - problem is now that disk doesn't spin. Something happened
in those years - I remember we used this RL02 unit some time ago
to dump all our disk packs... I have to check.

> Also, when you say "boot from an RL02", what are you trying to boot? Do you
> have an RL02 pack with a working system on it? If so, what kind - a Unix
> of some sort, or some DEC operating system?

We have about 40 disks, with RT-11 on them (and an add on
operating system for RT-11 called TSX), plus some diagnostics &
other stuff. This PDP-11/34 was used for a medical CAT
equipment, it's called "GAMMA-11" so it has special boards and
special software on it for image processing... (we don't have a
monitor for it)

> Also, do you only have one working RL02 drive, or more than one? If you only
> have one, you will not be able to do backups (unless you have something else
> connected to the machine, e.g. some sort of tape drive, or something).

We made backup connecting this RL02 unit (that now is not
working) into a MicroVAX-II, making it boot thru a DECNET
connection into a SimH emulated vax; from this, we can make
backup of the disks and have files on the simh pc; they are
available for our online emulator at "telnet poetry.voyanet.org
1134" (now only one disk pack boot, I need time to create a menu
to choose which disk pack to boot :D )

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