[TUHS] Unix on an 11/23 (Was: Work I've done with a PDP-11 simulator)

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu May 22 05:39:14 AEST 2014

    > From: asbesto <asbesto at freaknet.org>

    > We have about 40 disks, with RT-11 on them

Ah. You should definitely try Unix - a much more pleasant computing/etc

Although without a video editor... although I hope to have one available
'soon', from the MIT V6+ system (I think I have found some backup tapes from

    > This PDP-11/34 was used for a medical CAT equipment

As, so it probably has the floating point, then. If so, you should be able to
use the Shoppa V6 Unix disk as it is, then - that has a Unix on it which will
work on an 11/23 (which don't have the switch register that V6 normally

But if not, let me know, and I can provide a V6 Unix for it (I already have
the tweaked version running on a /23 in the simulator).


PS: For those who downloaded the 'fixed' ctime.c (if anyone :-), it turns out
there was a bug in my fix - in some cases, one variable wasn't initialized
properly. There's a fixed one up there now.

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