[TUHS] where is ecvt?

Mark Longridge cubexyz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 03:24:40 AEST 2014

I've been comparing Unix v5 libc to modern linux and various other
Unix versions and I found something odd.

I made a list of functions which occur in Unix v5 libc.a and modern
linux glibc.a and while there is no problem using the ecvt function in
modern linux it doesn't seem to appear:

ar t /usr/lib/libc.a | grep ecvt

...doesn't find ecvt.

But if you do:
grep ecvt /usr/lib/libc.a
Binary file /usr/lib/libc.a matches

So it seems it is in there somewhere. While searching for ecvt.c I
found it as part of openbsd. I assume in modern Linux ecvt must be
part of a larger function but I couldn't find it in the glibc source.

Of course in Unix v5 things were completely straightforward as TUHS
has the file V5/usr/source/s3/ecvt.s

I just want to find all the functions that are still in modern glibc.a
which also existed in Unix v5 libc.a

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