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Win Treese treese at acm.org
Sat Apr 25 00:41:25 AEST 2015

> On Apr 20, 2015, at 8:29 AM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu> wrote:
>> From: Sergey Lapin
>> Is there some archives of project Athena?
>> I'd like to see how it was back then...
> There is an _very_ extensive online archive of stuff here:
>  http://web.mit.edu/afs/
> and what you're looking for might be in there _somewhere_.

I don’t have much in the way of archives, but I worked there
from 1984 to 1988. The best set of technical papers was
the set presented at the Winter 1988 USENIX Conference
in Dallas (disclaimer: I wrote one of them), and
I probably have some PDFs of them stashed away. Those
included papers about the X Window System, the changes to
4.3BSD, the Kerberos authentication system, the Hesiod name
service, the Zephyr notification system, and the Moira service
management system. There was also a paper on the Online
Consulting system that (I think) appeared later.

Also, the Associate Director of Athena from Digital Equipment,
George Champine, wrote a book called "MIT Project Athena:
Model for Distributed Campus Computing”.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about the work at Athena
from that time.


Win Treese
treese at acm.org

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