[TUHS] Version 5 Manual

Mark Longridge cubexyz at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 15:13:01 AEST 2015

On 2/7/15, Warren Toomey <wkt at tuhs.org> wrote:
> Noel, in
> http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/PDP-11/Distributions/research/Dennis_v5/ you
> will find a PDF scan on the v5 manuals. Many thanks to Norman Wilson who
> sent me a photocopy set.
> Cheers, Warren
> On 8 February 2015 04:53:27 AEST, jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu wrote:
>>So, I have a chance to buy a copy of a Version 5 manual, but it will be
>>lot. I looked, and the Version 5 manual doesn't appear to be online. So
>>normally at the price this is at, I would pass, it might be worth it
>>for me
>>to buy it, and scan it to make it available.
>>But, I looked in the "FAQ on the Unix Archive and Unix on the PDP-11",
>>and it
>>5th Edition has its on-line manual pages missing. ... Fortunately, we
>> have paper copies of all the research editions of UNIX from 1st to 7th
>>  Edition, and these will be scanned in and OCR'd.
>>Several questions: First, when it says "we do have paper copies of all
>>research editions of UNIX", I assume it means 'we do have paper copies
>>_the manuals for_ all the research editions of UNIX', not 'we do have
>>copies of _the source code for_ all the research editions of UNIX'?
>>Second, if it is 'manuals', did the scan/OCR thing ever happen, or is
>>likely to anytime in the moderate future (next couple of years)?
>>Third, would a scanned (which I guess we could OCR) version of this
>>manual be
>>of much use (it would not, after all, be the NROFF source, although
>>a lot of the commands will be identical to the V6 ones, for which we do
>>the NROFF)?
>>Advice, please? Thanks!
>>	Noel

Hi Folks,

I thought everybody already knew about the v5 manual, I've known about
it for quite some time now.

The pdf file I have (which I assume is the same as the one mentioned
here) is already OCRed. I've been working on recreating the man pages
for v5 by matching the date codes from v6. If the dates match and the
contents of the files match I just copy over the v6 version into v5.
Sometimes I even use the v4 version if it differs from v6 but matches
the v5 manual. In the worst case scenario there's enough information
to retype a man page from scratch. I also used the v6 man page script
in v5 and that does the job.

There's not much room in the rk05 image so I created two more rk05
images and split up everything so there's some room for everything. I
was going to submit all 3 disk images once I was happy with all the
modifications. I've made a bunch of improvements to the baseline
version contained in uv5swre.zip .

There's a few things missing from v5:

The source code for yacc, sno, chess and crpost is missing. Also the
chess opening book is missing.
Also missing is mboot.s and alloc.s

I consider my work on v5 to be incomplete but there's a lot of
interesting stuff added so far. Some of the missing stuff can be
filled in from v6, it compiles OK. I can send a tarball to archive.org
or tuhs if you folks want to see the work done so far.


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