[TUHS] who is "Veigh S. Meer"?

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Fri Jul 17 06:17:39 AEST 2015

Scripsit Deborah Scherrer:

> Peter Salus noted there was workshop in Newport, RI, in 1984 concerning
> "Distributed UNIX." The report on "Distributed UNIX" by Veigh S. Meer [a
> transparent pseudonym] appeared in /;login:/ 9.5 (November 1984), pp.
> 5-9. So who was "Veigh S. Meer"? The affiliation says "Bellcore," but
> who was there in 1984?  Peter's first thought was Peter Langston.

The punning pseudonym, the complaint at the end that Unix and C are dead
and nothing is even on the horizon to replace them, and the general snarky
tone suggest to me that it's Rob "Mark V. Shaney" Pike.  In that case,
the affiliation with Bellcore is a blind ("not Goodyear, Goodrich").

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