[TUHS] who is "Veigh S. Meer"?

Deborah Scherrer dscherrer at solar.stanford.edu
Fri Jul 17 06:27:30 AEST 2015

Good logic....I bet you're right.

On 7/16/15 1:17 PM, John Cowan wrote:
> Scripsit Deborah Scherrer:
>> Peter Salus noted there was workshop in Newport, RI, in 1984 concerning
>> "Distributed UNIX." The report on "Distributed UNIX" by Veigh S. Meer [a
>> transparent pseudonym] appeared in /;login:/ 9.5 (November 1984), pp.
>> 5-9. So who was "Veigh S. Meer"? The affiliation says "Bellcore," but
>> who was there in 1984?  Peter's first thought was Peter Langston.
> The punning pseudonym, the complaint at the end that Unix and C are dead
> and nothing is even on the horizon to replace them, and the general snarky
> tone suggest to me that it's Rob "Mark V. Shaney" Pike.  In that case,
> the affiliation with Bellcore is a blind ("not Goodyear, Goodrich").

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