[TUHS] System III - TCP/IP

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Sun Nov 8 19:40:16 AEST 2015


Nick Downing <downing.nick at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think you might get better mileage by just trying to port 2.11BSD over to
> your Z8001 device, since it is a self contained system, no interface
> hacking will be needed, just porting.

would be of course a way to do, but then it is just another BSD installation.
I could also run on every other hardware. And being able to crosscompile which
would be lets say - mandatory - to not transfer files via 9600baud every
single time  would involve getting a compiler create Assembler code. And of
course the 2.11 BSD need to understand and execute Zilogs s.out format as
I have a bunch of software (involving the Assembler) where I have zero sources
I have once tried to port the old gcc as well as - I forgot the name - some
other sort of C compiler with Z8001 support - but they all lack the s.out
format support and have a sligthly different ASM syntax than the Assembler
I have supports. Missing features like extended math functions and so on.....

But you might be right... porting a "complete" system like 2.11 BSD might be
easier than extracting every little piece just to find out that another piece
needs to be extracted as well... wich probably makes you end up with a BSD
kernel anyway ;)

Regards, Oliver

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