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Eric Shienbrood originally wrote more(1) at UCB when he came as a grad student.    It was based on functionality from ITS that he as used to having at MIT.   Summit wrote a similar program with the same called page(1) and I'm fairly sure it was few years after Eric's program. Btw page(1) which did not have the same functionality (no termcap or in there case terminfo yet).  Less(1) would show up a few years later and replace them both.  


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On Nov 8, 2015, at 8:39 PM, Doug McIlroy <doug at cs.dartmouth.edu> wrote:

>>> I thought PWB (makers of "make") came from Harvard?
>> PWB ...  came straight out of Bell. Not sure about all the
>> applications (well, SCCS came from Bell).
> PWB did not create make; Stu Feldman did it in research.
> PWB did make SCCS. I believe it also originated cico,
> find and eval. Probably more, too, but I can't reliably
> separate PWB's other contributions from USG's.
> Doug
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