[TUHS] System III - TCP/IP

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Mon Nov 9 18:16:46 AEST 2015

I hit the send button to fast :(

Oliver Lehmann <lehmann at ans-netz.de> wrote:

> Nick Downing <downing.nick at gmail.com> wrote:
>> You can most likely implement a split I/D architecture by having code
>> execute out of a different segment than data, although I haven't
>> checked the datasheet so I don't know for sure if this is possible.
> I have 3 different MMUs available. Stack, Code and Data it is called in
> the Circuit diagram. I probably have to lookup the references but I still
> don't get why the kernel can only work with 64k of RAM as it is right now
> compiled as a segmented programm and uses more memory already with SysIII.
> Only the boot0-loader is compiled unsegmented and also some small
> utilities. Every other portion of the system uses the segmentation features
> of the Z8001 and is not limited to 64k adressable space.
> The system has right now MB of

The system has right now around 6 MB of RAM but can be upgraded to 16MB
minus 64KB (Due to a firmware bug) of RAM.

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