[TUHS] A portrait of cut(1)

markus schnalke meillo at marmaro.de
Wed Nov 11 22:23:18 AEST 2015

[2015-11-10 19:16] Random832 <random832 at fastmail.com>
> Did you happen to find out what GWRL stands for, in the the comments at
> the top of early versions of cut.c and paste.c?
> /* cut : cut and paste columns of a table (projection of a relation) (GWRL) *
> /
> /* Release 1.5; handles single backspaces as produced by nroff    */
> /* paste: concatenate corresponding lines of each file in parallel. Release 1.4 (GWRL) */
> /*        (-s option: serial concatenation like old (127's) paste command */
> For that matter, what's the "old (127's) paste command" it refers to?

Unfortunately I have no clue, for neither of them.

To resolve ``GWRL'', insider knowledge seems to be needed. (Or a cool
party with creative buddies, of course! (Today's the opening of the
carnival season in Germany ... that could be an opportunity. :-D ))

``127'', whatever system that might be, it surely predates UNIX.
Background knowledge from the time back then will be necessary.

I can provide neither of them ... and searching for such stuff is
difficult because the terms and their context are too generic.
(``cut and paste'' is by no means a valuable context if you try
to search for it. ;-) )

Maybe someone older or more inside has some ideas ...


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