[TUHS] Porting 2.11 BSD

William Pechter pechter at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 10:30:16 AEST 2015

Random832 wrote:
> Is there an emulator for this system so people without one can follow
> along?
I found this for a Z8000 System III box.  It was an East German dual cpu 
Z80/Z8001 clone box running SysIII -- perhaps this may be of some help 
as a comparison.


More P8000 info
Z8000 docs
http://www.pofo.de/P8000/  (there's some Zilog System 8000 Z8000 Zeus 
info here as well.

Digital had it then.  Don't you wish you could buy it now!
pechter-at-gmail.com  http://xkcd.com/705/

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