[TUHS] Questions regarding early Unix contributors

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Sat Oct 3 04:00:08 AEST 2015

Recent traffic on the TUHS list has discussed early publications about

The Digital Technical Journal of Digital Equipment Corporation began
publishing in August 1985, and there is a nearly complete bibliography


Change .bib to .html for a version with live hyperlinks.

The first publication there that mentions ULTRIX in its title is from
March 1986.  Unix appears in a title first in Spring 1995.

The document collection at


doesn't appear to have much that might be related to Unix ports to DEC

The Hewlett-Packard Journal is documented in


The first paper recorded there that mentions Unix or HP-UX is
from March 1984.

The Intel Technical Journal is covered in those archives as well at


but it only began relatively recently, in 1997.

The IBM Systems Journal began in 1962, and the IBM Journal of Research
and Development in 1957, and both are in those archives at


In the Systems Journal, the first mention of Unix or AIX is in Fall
1979 (Unix) and then December 1987 (AIX).  In the Journal of R&D, AIX
appears in January 1990, and Unix appears in abstracts sporadically,
but is in a title first in late Fall 2002.

In the Bell Systems Technical Journal, covered at

(and other decades from 1920 to 2010), the first mention of Unix in a
title is July/August 1978.

There may have been similar corporate technology journals at other
computer companies, such as CDC, Cray, Data General, English Electric,
Ferranti, Gould, Harris, NCR, Pr1me, Univac, Wang, and others, but
I've so far made no attempt to track them down and add bibliographic
coverage.  Suggestions are welcome!

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