[TUHS] Questions regarding early Unix contributors

Doug McIlroy doug at cs.dartmouth.edu
Fri Sep 25 12:14:57 AEST 2015

I can assure you that Lorinda Cherry wrote most of the important
code in WWB, including style and diction. The idea for them
came from Bill Vesterman at Rutgers. Lorinda already had parts,
a real tour de force, which assigned parts of speech to words 
in a text. Style was the killer app for parts and was running
within days of his approach to the labs wondering whether 
such a thing could be built. Lorinda also wrote deroff, which
these tools of course needed. WWB per se was packaged by 
USDL; I am sorry I can't remember the name of the guiding
spirit. So Lorinda's code detoured through there on its
way into research Unix.

Chris van Wyk was cvw. He was at Bell Labs, not BSD.

Chuck Haley is indeed Charles B. Haley.

Andy Koenig was ark.

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