[TUHS] History repeating itself (was: Unix v6 problem with /tmp)

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>  "Oh!  These are
> ​ ​
> USED punch cards!  There is no duty."
​For a long time, Canada was trying to tax software going over the border,
as well as some equipment.   When Kelly Booth was at Waterloo, he had 5
1/2" tapes with special stamps from the Canadian Gov he had to use to carry
things after having had tapes confiscated.   The funny part was you could
physically mail the tape, but if you tried to bring them personally; it was
an issue.   Kelly told me if they have been unopened and new it would not
have been an issue - but it was that it they were used that tended cause

I also remember getting a system ready for the Toronto USENIX.   It was
amazing the paper we needed, and had to prove we were not going to sell the
system there etc.



The problem was putting a value on things.   So they were marked as
research data IIRC, which
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