[TUHS] PDP-11 questions

Lawrence Stewart stewart at serissa.com
Mon Jan 25 23:38:46 AEST 2016

Regarding the 11/34.

We had one at the Stanford Information Systems Lab sometime in 78 or 79, running (I think) V7, and we certainly didn’t do the port ourselves!  We did put it on the Arpanet though, as SU-ISL.  This
was a pretty weird hookup.  The NCP ran on a front-end LSI-11 (or was it an 11/23?) and there was
a Very Distant Host interface home-built by Ron Crane that ran over a copper pair to the IMP at the medical school.  I did the driver work to connect the 11/34 to the smaller 11 running the NCP.

It is kind of funny to say “smaller” when the thing you are smaller than is an 11/34.

The other thing I remember about that system is that we had a version of “ed” with an added command
that was sort of like .-10,.+10p for displaying the local context.

By the time I graduated in 1981 we had an 11/70, which was just awesome.  With the split I and D space you could programs which were (or seemed to be!) enormous.


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