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On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 8:38 AM, Lawrence Stewart <stewart at serissa.com>

> We had one at the Stanford Information Systems Lab sometime in 78 or 79,
> running (I think) V7, and we certainly didn’t do the port ourselves!  We
> did put it on the Arpanet though, as SU-ISL.  This
> was a pretty weird hookup.  The NCP ran on a front-end LSI-11 (or was it
> an 11/23?) and there was
> a Very Distant Host interface home-built by Ron Crane that ran over a
> copper pair to the IMP at the medical school.  I did the driver work to
> connect the 11/34 to the smaller 11 running the NCP.

​If it was 78, it was probably v6+ of some sorts running Chesson's Arpanet
NCP from Illinois.​  UNIX/TS (aka V6+++ / pre V7) sorts of oozes out via
the Bell Labs' OYOC like Ted in '78 - that's what we ran at CMU since Ted
brought it with him. Its a heavily hacked V6 kernel and many of what would
become the v7 utilities including the a new compiler and the standard I/O
library.   Same was true of PWB 1.0 - which was based on most of the code.
   Dennis would not formally get V7 (which had an updated kernel) released
until mid '79 (FWIW: The date on a number of the files in the V7
distribution tapes in Warren's archives show Aug 1, '79 - which sounds
about right for when Dennis got it out).
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