[TUHS] v6 debugging

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Jan 26 01:12:59 AEST 2016

    > From: Clem Cole

    > to help debug the kernel, we even put adb into the core resident port of
    > V7 which was tricky - Noel I seem to remember we .. stole that from you
    > guys at MIT

Well, I certainly don't remember doing such a thing - but I should point out
that the Unix 'community' at MIT was not at all in good touch with each
other. So perhaps someone else at MIT did it? Or perhaps it was done after
I left for Proteon?

Also, the group I was in - CSR - was, during my time with them, not well
connected to other Unix users outside MIT. So even the things we _did_ do seem
not to have made it to many (any?) people. I'm not sure why this was:
probably, since we were working exclusively on early TCP/IP stuff, we were
mostly in touch with other networking people.

The disconnect to the rest of MIT may have been because, in our case, the
technical community at Tech Square didn't have good contacts with the rest of
campus; we were kind of self-sufficient. The AI Lab people had some contacts
with the Plasma fusion group, and later the EE department on campus, but CSR
(and maybe all of LCS - I'm not sure, the groups in LCS were pretty isolated
from each other) didn't.

Also, Tech Sq was mostly about PDP-10's - initially running ITS, later TWENEX
- and only a couple of smaller groups ran Unix. The DSSR group had an 11/70,
and we were quite close to them, but AFAIK we were the only two groups in Tech
Sq running Unix. I don't think anyone else at MIT had a PDP-10, until the EE
department on campus got an TWENEX machine, so there wasn't really anyone on
campus for most of Tech Sq to interact with.


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