[TUHS] A Talk on Early Unix

Brad Spencer brad at anduin.eldar.org
Sun Jul 3 11:17:52 AEST 2016

Lyndon Nerenberg <lyndon at orthanc.ca> writes:


> Basically, the 3B2s (and the 3B4K by extension) were designed to hang off the side of the 4ESS and collect toll call records for billing purposes.  Anyone remember Tuxedo?


> --lyndon

Tuxedo, the database??  FML buffers, etc..  That Tuxedo???

If so, Ya, the system I worked on when I was at AT&T / Lucent in the
mid-90's to early 2000s used it.  The product was a traffic management
system called NTMOS or NetMinder/NTM.  We had the source code to the
version of Tuxedo used by the product, and ran it on the Vax initially
and then ported it to the Mips based Star servers [Tandems], i386 based
NCR systems, probably the Sun Sparc at some point, and lastly the HPs.

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