[TUHS] sort of unrelated but

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Tue Mar 22 11:11:11 AEST 2016


I know some of the processor people at intel and I was looking around,
found this, interesting read if you are into the history:


For those that don't know, Colwell did the P6 pipeline, I think under
Groove or right after Groove got cancer.  There was P5, then P6, then
they did a different pipeline that they called Pentium 4 (made no sense
to me but their names never do).  The Pentium 4 was the one where
they speculated on what the answer would be for some instructions.
As in you could do a load and they'd guess that it was zero or not.
They were going for great clock rate, and they got it, but they also
got instructions that would take 2000 cycles to get through.

That pipeline got booted and so far as I know, the Colwell P6 pipeline
lives on in every Intel processor after the Pentium 4.

Getting back to Andy, I loved his time as CEO, I think he did a lot of
good for that company.  Here's to him!

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