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I recall Grove's book, High Output Management. And, the companion book,
written by employees: Dealing With High Output Management.

On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 7:11 PM, Larry McVoy <lm at mcvoy.com> wrote:

> https://newsroom.intel.com/news-releases/andrew-s-grove-1936-2016/
> I know some of the processor people at intel and I was looking around,
> found this, interesting read if you are into the history:
> http://people.cs.clemson.edu/~mark/330/chronques.html
> For those that don't know, Colwell did the P6 pipeline, I think under
> Groove or right after Groove got cancer.  There was P5, then P6, then
> they did a different pipeline that they called Pentium 4 (made no sense
> to me but their names never do).  The Pentium 4 was the one where
> they speculated on what the answer would be for some instructions.
> As in you could do a load and they'd guess that it was zero or not.
> They were going for great clock rate, and they got it, but they also
> got instructions that would take 2000 cycles to get through.
> That pipeline got booted and so far as I know, the Colwell P6 pipeline
> lives on in every Intel processor after the Pentium 4.
> Getting back to Andy, I loved his time as CEO, I think he did a lot of
> good for that company.  Here's to him!
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