[TUHS] Anyone know what a LANTERN is

Kevin Schoedel schoedel at kw.igs.net
Tue Aug 1 09:46:17 AEST 2017

At 12:50 ?pm -0400 2017/07/31, Paul Winalski wrote:
>The character we're discussing here was named LANTERN, not LAMP, but
>you may have something there regarding it turning on a light.  We'd
>need to find an AT&T 4410 terminal, or someone who's used one, to be

A bit of Googling suggests that the Herbert H. Warrick Jr. Museum of
Communications in Seattle has at least one of these recently in operating
condition. <http://www.museumofcommunications.org/unix/>

Kevin Schoedel <schoedel at kw.igs.net> VA3TCS

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