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Andreas Hein andreas.hein at berlan.de
Thu Aug 3 09:02:32 AEST 2017

Hello Tom,

yeah, i have the same history. First operating system for my 286 was the Microport ATT  SVR2. I have original 5 1/4  media, the tree manuals (mostly printouts of the original UNIX Man pages beide Intel Assembler and bootloader) and images from the disks. But, as you remember, Microport V.2 had no networking (beside UUCP)

Still Interested ? Send me a email, I will prepare the images and find a way to deliver it to you (earliest tomorrow). And if someone know a way to Boot this images in a hypervirsor, this would help me. The current hypervisors are not able to emulate MFM disks and hercules graphics AFIK


Am 3. August 2017 00:46:23 MESZ schrieb Tom Manos <tom.manos at gmail.com>:
>Hi all,
>Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask...
>I started my home UNIX hobby in the mid-1980's with Microport SVR2 on
>286. With a couple of modems I started a public access UNIX system in
>Hampton Roads, VA.
>That system graduated to SVR3.0, 3.1, 3.2 on 386, and finally 4.2 with
>modems running on an AST 4-port card on 486. That was about 1992 when I
>started an ISP using SVR4.2. That ISP, also in Hampton Roads, grew
>large. We were in 100 cities and partnered with newspapers and managed
>their content on the brand new web. By then we had graduated to large
>systems and Sun Enterprise.
>Now I'm all grown up and and experiencing a 2nd childhood. I run
>here on a real dual processor Pentium system, but I'd like to get back
>SVR3.2 on period hardware, and later to r2.
>My problem is I don't have a copy and don't know where to find one. Do
>of you happen to have a diskette (or disk image) set you can part with?
>Ideally I'd like a development system and networking. But I've always
>an optimist :)
>I'm happy to pay reasonable fees.
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