[TUHS] Photo of some Unix greats

Ron Natalie ron at ronnatalie.com
Sat Aug 5 00:06:20 AEST 2017

Sorry for the late respoinse.     That indeed is me there.    I don't know
who the jacket guy is either.

The guy with the hat and camera in the center of the front row is fellow
BRL-er Doug Kingston.

Oddly  missing is Mike Muuss who I know was there.    Either he's out front
taking a picture or that's him on the far right of the bottom row.   Hard to
tell due to the face being obscured, but I tend to doubt it.   I knew Mike
for decades and that doesn't quite look like him.   The  head peaking out
just to the left of Steve Bellovin's hat is Bob Miles.   Another BRLer who
had left for Northrop by the time this picture was taken I think.

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Regarding Steve's photo from Summer USENIX, does anyone know who the shorter
guy in a light jacket and polo shirt with a broad horizontal stripe on it,
leaning right in front of me, elbow-to-elbow with Ron Natalie?

I had this odd query from a random a month or two ago about who he is, and I
can't remember his name.


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