[TUHS] [GROFF] groff as a asis for comprehensive documentation

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Sat Apr 21 07:59:01 AEST 2018

On Fri, 20 Apr 2018, Cág wrote:

>> I've often referred to Linux as "The Windows of the Unix world".
> I wonder what operating systems people on this list use. AIX? BSD 
> variants? Or maybe even IRIX?

My mail/web server is FreeBSD (of course), which is self-firewalled; that 
latter task will soon be taken over by OpenBSD (of course).

The main client is a MacBook running Sierra (the poxy thing doesn't seem 
to like High Sierra), as FreeBSD for all its advantages is a piss-poor 

I have images of NetBSD etc lying around somewhere, to try on new boxen.

And I keep a tame Debian laptop to see what the penguins have broken on my 

> Also, OSX is "the Windows of the Unix world".

I was calling Linux that a fair while before OSX came along.

Just one example: it's 'stty -f ..." on most systems, but "stty -F" on 
Penguin/OS.  Why?

Dave Horsfall DTM (VK2KFU)  "Those who don't understand security will suffer."

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